About Me

Even as a child, I stared with big eyes at my mother’s azurite.

Today, I believe that its deep, blue-green color has determined my destiny.



Jewelry has always been a personality trait in my family. An accessory that has never been there because of fashion. It served as a link between physical and spiritual experiences, shrouded in a mantle of beauty. A mineral or gemstone that with its meaning can make a person cultivate a sense of belonging towards it.
This journey of searching for affiliation began back in 1978 in Osijek (Croatia), where I was born. I graduated from the Faculty of Law and practiced law for many years, denying my true nature. My first formal foundations for developing artistic work was laid at the International Ceramics Study in Hungary. But visiting the Lumezi atelier in Zagreb has completely redirected my life path. I entered the atelier in search of an amber earring and – stayed there.

From that moment on, I started creating my own fashion archetype. Never as the last cry of fashion and fashion details, but an archetype that approaches its body in accordance with the inner feeling. Slowly discovering and accepting the so-called “wabi-sabi approach” (perfect imperfection), the goal was to transfer the same to my jewelry.

I find inspiration on the bridge between the world we live in and the mystical world of symbols and minerals. That zone of power, the door that leads to a parallel reality, is the point of man’s encounter with himself. It is also a point that erases all boundaries and merges different cultures into one – primordial one that is the same in all of us.

Each piece of my jewelry from my workshop is unique and carries the aforementioned “wabi-sabi” moment of perfect imperfection. Asymmetrical and organic, rough and spiritual – with a texture from which you can read the traces of the passage of time. Have already mentioned that, I am genuinely convinced that by wearing my jewelry, your indelible mark will also be written in time.